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We are Cactus Communications, a company dedicated to providing high-quality written English solutions to clients worldwide. We began operations in April 2002 with a team of five, providing editing services; we are now a team of ninety, and our services span editing, transcription, education, research, and content development. Our work environment is informal, transparent and yet professional. We provide broad range of opportunities and fast career growth to talented and self-motivated individuals. To know more about us, please visit our website:
Job Description
We at Cactus realize that science extends beyond experiments and laboratories. We understand the importance of communicating the research results to the world in a lucid and precise manner. That's where we step in… Not all researchers are great writers or editors. And, let's face it, it's not an easy task to list every single detail while being concise; to keep things interesting but ensure an academic style of writing; and to use correct English, while ensuring that the research is acceptable for publication. Our editors help researchers and academicians tread this fine line—not only by polishing and enhancing manuscripts but by contributing to science through their knowledge of scientific techniques, procedures, and terminology. We work to bridge gaps and strive to deliver path-breaking ideas and discoveries and cutting-edge research to diverse audiences in flawless language.

The Job: As the editor in the Medicine and Life Sciences team you will 

be part of a team composed of editors with degrees in medicine, microbiology, biotechnology, life sciences, biochemistry, etc. and with a shared passion for the English language and scientific writing; 

edit scientific documents related to diverse specializations, from medicine and molecular biology to botany and environmental sciences; 

carry out extensive referencing to ensure correct and subject-specific use of scientific terminology in manuscripts; and

format the manuscripts in accordance with the instructions of the journal for intended publication (Nature, BMJ, NEJM, etc.) and ensure the best presentation possible.

Fresh college graduates or graduates/postgraduates with work experience in any field are welcome to apply. Previous work experience, if any, will be considered when determining your remuneration.

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