The Final Countdown…

Dear All,
That marks the end of this year’s posts on IIMC Entrance Counselling @
The IIMC Alumni Association would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to all the alumni who took the trouble to write for the blog. For all those who contributed, we hope the process led you down memory lane.
For all those who so religiously follow the blog we wish all the best, and hope at least some of you return to write posts, just like the ones you read, next year. 
Of last batch’s toppers, 6 people from EJ, 5 from HJ, 6 from RTV, 7 from Ad-PR and 1 from OJ respectively who landed in the top 10, have contributed to this blog among others. For this we are grateful and proud.
IIMC is not just an institute it is an institution (pun intended), and this blog is a small effort by the IIMCAA to bring all its alumni together and bind them for their mutual love of our Alma Mater.
Finally we would like to congratulate all those who eventually clear the entrance, and hope that you will uphold the dignity of IIMC, and respect it’s 48 year old rich legacy. If we should be so crass as to offer you one advice we would say, "you will laugh, you will cry, but the friends you make at IIMC will last you a lifetime!"
So please make the most of this opportunity and have fun!
Thanks & Regards,
Team IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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