Uzbekistan Chapter | Alimov President & Makhsimova General Secretary

Dear IIMCians,


Uzbekistan Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on September 20 at Al-Aziz Café, Tashkent. It was presided over by Mr. Beruni S. Alimov and attended by Ahmadjon Kasimov (1994), Amirkul Karimov (1994), Fahriddin Nizamov (1994), Uktam Mirzayorov (1994), Anvar Karimov (1999), Halim Saidov (1994) and  Fotimakhon Makhsimova (2014). Nazira Tashpulatova was guest at the meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting:-

1. Celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first graduates from the IIMC in Uzbekistan.

2. Creation of the chapter of the IIMC Alumni Association in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

3. Meeting unanimously elected Mr. Beruniy S. Alimov as President of IIMC Alumni Association- Uzbekistan Chapter.

4. President Mr. Alimov expressed gratitude to the participants for taking part in this event.

5. Souvenirs of IIMC Alumni Meet Connections 2014 were distributed to participants.

6. Participants of the meeting showed a great interest in such books as “Meri awvaz suno”, “Hindi Cinema Ke 150 Sitare” and “Qamar Dard: Karan Aur Bachav” by Mr. Vinod Viplav, and “Mugal-e-Aazam” by Ms. Sushila Kumari.

7. Mr. Alimov also informed participants about recent activities taken by IIMC Alumni in India.

8. Mr. Alimov made a presentation of the new book “Social Media in Business and Governance” written by IIMC Senior Prof. K.M. Shrivastava who is also the mentor of IIMC regional centres.

9. During the meeting alumni discussed a variety of issues, including creative and professional exchange of views on journalism in Uzbekistan and in whole World.

10. It was decided to rename the former IIMCians club called “33 +” to the IIMC Alumni Association, Uzbekistan Chapter

11. To have meeting once in 6 months with all Alumni of the IIMC from Uzbekistan.

12. To make a plan to visit IIMC by Uzbek Chapter Members and to take a part in the one of the General meetings of IIMC Alumni Association in the future.


Thanks & Regards,

F. Makhsimova

General Secretary

IIMC Alumni Association, Uzbekistan Chapter IimcAlumniAssociation

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