AGM MoM- Advisory Board Membership Abolished, National Council Renamed As Governing Council

Dear IIMCians,

IIMC Alumni Association hosted it's 8th Annual General Meeting (AGM) – All Hands Meet at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on October 13, 2019. IIMCAA President Mr. Prasad Sanyal presided over the meeting that was attended by several members.

Mr. Sanyal announced unique support by former course director Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney who has pledged royalty earnings of her books to IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund starting this year. Annual General Body Meeting overwhelmingly applauded the gesture of Prof. Jethwaney and thanked her for such a lovely gesture.

IIMCAA Patron and IIMC DG Mr. KS Dhatwalia (Principal DG, PIB) graced the event as Chief Guest and announced that IIMC is set to start three PG courses from 2020. Mr. Dhatwalia expressed satisfaction over the efforts of IIMC Alumni Association in connecting alumni of different states and countries.

Minutes of the Meeting:-

1. The AGM ratified the proposal to abolish the Advisory Board Membership as passed by National Council Resolution on February 17, 2019.

2. The AGM ratified the proposal to rename National Council as Governing Council as passed by National Council Resolution on February 17, 2019.

3. Any issue that Chapters and/ or Sub Chapters sought to be listed in agenda by a meeting resolution- NONE

4. Any issue raised by Members present at the meeting- FIVE

CC Member Mr. Afzal Alam suggested raising the number of IIMCAA Scholarships from 11 to 25

Organisation Secretary Mr. Ritesh Verma apprised the AGM that 9 IIMCAA Scholarships were sponsored by alumni and/ or well-wishers of IIMCAA out of the total 11 Scholarships given in 2019. The number of scholarships will gradually go up when more alumni and/ or well-wishers come forward and support the IIMCAA Scholarships initiative. This association requires a minimum 5 years' commitment to start a scholarship.

CC Member Mr. Dadan Vishwakarma– IIMCAA should raise the limit of IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund support to an alumni, currently fixed at 20,000 INR maximum.

IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund Chairman Mr. Kalyan Ranjan apprised the AGM that existing rules no 15 and 16 of IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund empower the Fund Committee/ Central Committee to overlook any/ all rules to help an alumni in extraordinary medical situations. A limit is there to ensure IIMCAA is able to help maximum possible alumni.

Ms. Anwesha Brahma– There is a feeling that IIMCAA is a closed group affair and it should do something to correct the image, whether real or unreal.

IIMCAA President Mr. Prasad Sanyal apprised the AGM that all the meetings of the Central Committee and the Chapter Committees have been open for all alumni irrespective of his position as an office-bearer or not. Mr. Sanyal, recalling the start of his own Connection with the IIMCAA in 2013-14, appealed to the alumni to participate in the IIMCAA monthly meetings and get involved in the functioning of the organisation.

Mr. Joy Daniel Pradhan– IIMCAA should register itself under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act so that alumni making contributions can avail tax deduction benefits.

IIMCAA President Mr. Prasad Sanyal apprised the AGM that the IIMCAA doesn't see itself as an NGO doing some social service hence hasn’t sought to register itself under 80 G. Mr. Sanyal reiterated that IIMCAA is only a networking body of IIMC Alumni which tries to connect alumni by organising meets, meetings etc.

Mr. Jayant Jigyasu– Mr. Jigyasu applauded the effort of Team IIMCAA in building a vibrant organisation within 7 years of its inception while handling attempts to disrepute the body with patience.

Thanks & Regards,
Harshendra Singh Verdhan
General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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