Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney Pledges Books Royalty To IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund

Dear IIMCians,
IIMC Alumni Association has received an unique support for its IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund by former course director and our beloved teacher Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney. Prof. Jethwaney has pledged earnings from the royalty of books written by her to IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund on annual basis.
Annual General Body Meeting held at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 13 October, 2019 overwhelmingly applauded the gesture of Prof. Jethwaney. IIMCAA President Mr. Prasad Sanyal made an open appeal to alumni to support the IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund to help more alumni in need. IIMCAA has started this fund allocating 10% of Annual Alumni Meet Connections sponsorship earnings this year only.
We are reproducing the email from Prof. Jethwaney to let you feel how much concern she has for her academic children and how much indebted we must be feeling as an organisation to a revered mentor for thousands of IIMC alumni. 

I am very impressed with the Medical Fund created by IIMCAA, but feel the fund has to be sufficient to cover as many as required, keeping in view the mounting cost of medical burden on an average Indian. I feel that all of us who have been associated with IIMC and IIMCAA give a serious thought in this direction. 

I have always considered my students as my academic children, therefore would like to contribute each year from the royalty amount I get from books in the IIMCAA Medical Assistance Fund. To begin with I wish to send a cheque of Rs. 50,000 for the year 2019. 

Hope IIMCAA would appreciate my sentiment behind this and accept my humble offer. 


Thanks & Regards,
Harshendra Singh Verdhan
General Secretary
IIMC Alumni Association IimcAlumniAssociation

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