IIMCAA Insurance Committee to Explore Willingness of Alumni for Group Medical Cover

IIMC Alumni Association has formed a five members committee to explore the willingness of IIMC Alumni to subscribe to group medical insurance and personal accident covers if negotiated and coordinated by IIMCAA. The committee that will undertake this exercise comprises:-
1. Mr. Braj Kishore, Former Bengal Chapter President (1995-96 Batch)- Chairman
2. Mr. Mubin Khan, Senior Alumni, Mumbai (1990-91 Batch)- Member 
3. Ms. Gayatri Srivastava, Maharashtra Chapter President,  (1996-97 Batch)- Member
4. Mr. Animesh Biswas, Former General Secretary, IIMCAA (2005-06 Batch)- Member
5. Mr. Prabhat Upadhyay, Vice President, IIMCAA (2012-13 Batch)- Member
Maharashtra Chapter had suggested the central committee to undertake an exercise to seek expression of interest of alumni for getting covered by a group medical and personal accident insurance for unforeseen needs that may occur to anyone.
CC has decided to use emails / messages and all other available mediums to reach out to alumni to ascertain how many alumni will be opting such a group insurance for themselves and their families if IIMCAA negotiates and gets a best premium rate for it. 
We wish the committee very best for a positive outcome of this effort.
Thanks & Regards,
Kalyan Ranjan 
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