IIMCAA Statement on Request Letter of IIMC Students Over IIMC Fee Hike

Published on Dec. 17, 2019, 9:19 p.m.

The IIMC Alumni Association is abiding by its Constitution.According to our constitution’s directive principles, we cannot interfere inthe internal matters of the IIMC.

IIMCAA is a platform for networking amongst IIMC alumni. It is notstudent union. Hence, we refrain from commenting on issues involving students.  

As a responsible Alumni Association, we have Scholarships tostudents and awards for alumni. Last year we disbursed a total of ₹2.75 lakh asscholarships to students. This year we have already committed to disbursing₹3.75 lakh as scholarships. 

We appeal individual alumni to come forward and add to scholarshipcorpus to help students in need. 

The Central Committee has authorised President Mr. Prasad Sanyalto take up fee hike issue with DG, IIMC cum Patron, IIMCAA in a manner thatdoesn't violate the constitution.  


Harshendra Singh Verdhan

General Secretary