IMP | Rules & Schedules for IIMCAA Elections 2014

Dear IIMCians,
IIMC Alumni Association will conduct its elections on October 5, 2014.
1. An alumni enrolled as Member of the IIMCAA may vote/ contest in IIMCAA Elections 2014.
2. Electronic/ online voting methods would be adopted for the elections.
3. A panel of minimum 11 members may contest the elections for the next term, 2014-15. 
4. Any panel willing to contest must be proposed by 10 members other than panel. 
5. Members comprising the panel/ panels are eligible to vote.
6. All the proposers of panel/ panels are eligible to vote.
7. A Panel will be named after its proposed President's name. 
8. Voters list excluding personal details like email id and mobile number will be made public on IIMCAA social forums.
9. All panels will get a copy of detailed voters list (Name, Mail id, Mobile Number, Location) by elections officials post filing of nomination.
10. Panels contesting elections are eligible to use all social forums of IIMCAA (Google Group, FB Profile Account of IIMCAA DDAAKJ, FB Page, & Twitter) to campaign. 
11. Moderator of the IIMCAA Online activities will publish all the campaign related material supplied by panel/ panels. 
12. Moderator will have no right to revise/ block any campaign material supplied by panel/ panels but materials must not be derogatory and should not violate law of the land.
13. Panel/ Panels may file complains about each other to election officials only. Decision of the elections officials will be final and binding for all.
14. Counting of votes would take place in presence of representatives of panel/ panels.
15. Results declared by election officials will be final. Any objection will be heard & decided by elections officials. Decision of elections officials will be binding for all.
Schedules for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 31 August, 2014- Closing of Membership with respect to IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 07 September, 2014- Publication of Voter List for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 8 to 15 September, 2014- Nominations for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 16 September, 2014- Scrutiny of Nominations for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 21 September, 2014- Last date of Withdrawal for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 22 September, 2014- Publication of Final List of Panels for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– 05 October, 2014- Online Voting from 10 AM to 5 PM
– 05 October, 2014- Declaration of Results at 7.00 PM
– 19 October, 2014- Charge hand over to new team at AGM
Thanks & Regards,
Deepti Gahrotra
Secretary, Communications IimcAlumniAssociation

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