MoM | CC Meeting | 4 May, 2014

Dear IIMCians,
The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met on May 4 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi. Vice President Mr. Apurva Chamaria presided over the meeting while Organisation Secretaries Mr. Harshendra Verdhan, Mr. Ritesh Verma, Executive Member Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Mr. Rahul Sharma & Mr. Harendra Yadav attended the same. In addition to CC Members, alumni Ms. Chetna Bhatia, Mr. Abhishek Anand, Ms. Kamini Patil, Mr. Pratham Dwivedi, Ms. Richa Banka, Ms. Bhagyashree Sagar & Ms. Garima Singh also participated in the meeting.
Minutes of the meeting:-
1. Organisation Secretary Mr. Ritesh Verma briefed the meeting over Maharashtra Chapter Meeting of last month and recent resignation of Organisation Secretary Mr. Saurabh Dwivedi.
2. Website work is not progressing as desired. Vice President Mr. Chamaria has taken charge to oversee website work himself now. Financial commitments will be shared once designer is final.
3. Membership has been negligible so far this year. Only 7 alumni got themselves enrolled as member during alumni meet this year. CC hopes the drive speed up once we are through with website.
4. As advised by auditor, all future payments to vendors/ firms has to be made post deduction of applicable TDS which we have missed so far.
5. The term of CC has been revised as One Year. The current team had set two years term for itself at AGM, 2012 to revive the association. Major part of the revival process is done so there is no need to have a two year long term. IIMCAA will conduct CC election annually henceforth.
6. A three member election office will be formed to conduct free & fair elections. Officers will be announced post acceptance by nominees.
7. CC will undertake the issue to propose a panel for 2014-15 in the next meeting.
8. Rules & regulations, schedules etc for IIMCAA Elections 2014 will be communicated in a separate mail.
9. CC deliberated issues raised by alumnni Mr. Abhishek Ranjan Singh and Mr. Abhishek Parashar. Response of CC to those issues to be communicated in a separate mail soon.
Thanks & Regards,
Ritesh Verma
Organisation Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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