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ITExaminer.com and a general news site I'm involved it needs news editors. Hope you can help me by recommending some people looking for jobs. 

Below is a brief description of what the job entails:

The job of the news editor on the ITExaminer is to coordinate, facilitate and publish to the web stories generated by the reporters and the freelancers.
She or he reports directly to the editor, and must possess some management skills, the ability to source and research news stories that need to be written. This also involves chasing up the stories in a timely manner.
This job requires a degree of editing. The news editor has to ensure that stories are written to house style, are newsworthy, factual, fair, are non-libellous, and are relevant to the publication.

We're looking for a person with similar skills as news editor for a global general news site as well.

Besides news editors. I'm also looking for subs and freelance IT reporters based out of Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Interested candidates can contact me at subhash@itexaminer.com.


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