Manager – Communications at ADR India

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)is looking for one or more persons to manage its communications work. Apply for this post by 14 Sep 2013.

ADR was set up in 1999 by faculty and alumni of the IIMs and IITs. Its mission is to improve elections, democracy and governance in India. ADR has also built up the National Election Watch (NEW) network of over 1200 NGOs from every State.

It has well established working relationships with the Election Commission, media and NGOs across the country, and with several eminent persons. The work involves managing the office and staff, interfacing with the media, working with State network partners, Election Commission, donors, selected eminent citizens and political parties.

The Head would be supported not only by a bright young team of over 25 people, but also by the Founding Trustees. The immediate task is to manage the nationwide Lok Sabha Election Watch campaign which has already been launched. There would also be 5 State Assembly elections before that. The campaign will focus on raising voter awareness on important issues and on persuading political parties to field clean, honest, capable candidates. This is a high impact position. It is not a job, but a calling.

Some recent developments that brought political parties under RTI, disqualified convicted MPs and MLAs, barred jailed politicians from contesting, and so on were either directly or indirectly based on the work of ADR since 1999. Earlier impact making work included bringing out candidate background information on finances and criminal charges (see through a PIL in the Supreme Court, holding Election Watch campaigns in every state and national election since 2002, raising voter awareness, some suggestions which were accepted by the Election Commission, getting the Lok Sabha Committee on Ethics to accept out recommendations on a Code of Ethics for the Lok Sabha MPs, persuading Chief Ministers of some States not to induct tainted MLAs into their Cabinet and so on.

The ideal candidate would prior experience of working in creative communications, and/or theatre, media etc. He or she would also be conversant with communication in different aspects including face to face, internet, social media, animation.

Alternately, they should be able to interact and interface with the media, particularly in English and Hindi.

He or she would be passionate about the issues facing the nation, be deeply interested in democracy and good governance, and have a practical approach that delivers results. ADR has a clear policy of being completely non-partisan with regard to political parties.

It also believes in a constructive approach to bring about reforms in elections, democracy, political parties and governance. The ideal candidate would be willing to work in this framework. The position is based in Delhi. Please send your resume and a covering letter to,�and

Source: ADR IimcAlumniAssociation

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