MoM | Bihar Chapter Selects April 3rd for Connections Patna 2016

Dear IIMCians,

The Bihar chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on January 2, 2016 with president Mr. Bhola Nath presiding over the meeting. Those who attended the meeting included Mr. KK Lall, Ms. Iti, Mr. Laxmi Shankar, Mr. Sqib Khan, Mr. Neeraj Priyadarshy, Mr. Satvavrat Mishra and Ms. Banjot Kaur.

Minutes of the Meeting

1. Connections Patna 2016

A very long discussion took place on this. The chapter was of the view that the view of members of Bihar chapter might be given some consideration by the Central Committee.

A. Date: The chapter was of the view that March 27, 2016 would not be appropriate date for the following reason. This Sunday falls exactly three days after Holi. Post Holi, there are two consecutive holidays and many IIMCians will not be in Patna. There are local festivities too, Remaining might be remain with household activities. Hence it is humble submission to the Central Committee of IIMCAA to defer it to the next Sunday, that is, April 3, 2016.

B. Format: The chapter was of the view that event must be divided into parts. The evening session of a cultural get-together, which is the format of Connections otherwise,  must be preceded by a talk/lecture in the morning for Patna edition to make the event meaningful. The evening will have exactly the same format as other editions of the Connections.
C. Sponsorship/Budget:  The chapter estimated a sum of Rs 50,000 would be required. It opined it might be difficult to gather Rs 50,000 sponsorship for the event in lieu of publication of IIMCAA souvenir which is published from Delhi and has somewhat a limited reach. The sponsors might not show interest in that case. However, if title sponsorship is given at the local level, some might come forward. The chapter would try its best to arrange on its own, but in case it faces difficulty, it would seek assistance from the central committee.

D. Venue: Several venues were discussed that could fulfill the requirement, but any final name would be decided in the next meet after some homework.

E.  Felicitation theme:  President Mr. Bhola Nath suggested and many other concurred with him that  while IIMC has been felicitating entrepreneurs, writers and bureaucrats, the association must come forward to felicitate journalists, especially young journalists in the field because IIMC is known for producing them. He suggested that before the next edition of Connections, it might be deliberated upon and think about felicitating journalists in various categories. However, the chapter would do its bit in felicitating  campus wale bureaucrats from Bihar in Patna edition of Connections in case they are not able to make to the Delhi meet.

2. Membership Drive: Mr. Saqib Khan and Mr. Neeraj Priyadarshi took the formal membership of IIMCAA. Efforts are on to increase the number. Also, special efforts will be done by office bearers to engage with IIMC members who could not attend any of the meets so far.

3. Next Meeting: Hopefully, CC would take a considerate view to the suggestions for Patna edition of Connections. The next meeting will be held on January 26, 2015 in which special discussion will take place on Patna edition of Connections in the light of CC decision.

Thanks & Regards,
Banjot Kaur
Secretary, IIMCAA Bihar IimcAlumniAssociation

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