MoM | Central Comittee Meeting | 3 August, 2014

Dear IIMCians,
The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on August 3, 2014. Vice President Mr. Apurva Chamaria presided over the meeting that was attended by General Secretary Mr. Animesh Biswas, Organisation Secretaries Mr. Harshendra Verdhan, Mr. Ritesh Verma, Treasurer Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, CC Members Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Ms. Soumya Jha, Mr. Keshav Kumar, Ms. Sugam Singhal & Organisation Secretary of Maharashtra Chapter Mr. Krishna Pophale. Alumni Mr. Prasad Sanyal, Mr. Deepak Singh, Mr. Sunny Lamba, Mr. Devesh Khandelwal, Md. Shahid, Mr. Pankaj Kasana, Ms. Kamini Patial, Mr. Ashish Kumar, Mr. Pratham Dwivedi, Mr. Anugrah Mishra, Ms. Shipra Sharma, Ms. Ipsita Panda, Mr. Arunoday Prakash, Ms. Nanditta Chhibber, Mr. Akash Priyan & Ms. Deeksha Saksena also attended the meeting.
The following decisions were taken at the meeting:
Website work & Online Membership
– The Website developer attended the meeting and shared the status that the back end work of the website is done.
– Online Membership Service is the priority and Developer has assured that the Membership Section will be finished within 1-2 weeks.
– The Central Committee had shared the format of Member’s Form, which includes alumni’s Name, Batch, Course, Campus, email id, postal address, contact number, two reference etc.
– Login ID will be activated after transacting the Annual Membership Fee- Rs. 500/-. A pop-up – Thank You note with reference/ membership number– will appear after the Fee transferred successfully.
– Log-in will be clubbed to Social Media profiles of alumni– Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter. The Registration will be authenticated via any of these four profiles.
– The Admin will cross-check the Requests for Membership and after verification approve it.
– All Members will be given Membership ID after Authentication and Activation. A membership card will be dispatched at their postal address at later stage.
– If any Non-IIMCian makes payment to get the membership, it will not be awarded and the amount will not be returned. This will be put up as disclaimer too.
– After the activation, members can see the Jobs information or alumni data. On website, a headline will appear only. To see the full notice, members will have to register or login.
Membership and Renewal
– All alumni who have become member since October, 2012 are eligible to be a part of a panel contesting election/ voting. 
– All office bearers of Chapters, Sub Chapters and Coordinators are eligible to be a part of a panel contesting election/ voting. 
– Complete list of members/ voters shall be published once membership closes for this year’s election. 
– Organisation Secretary will seek membership list and other details from chapters/ sub chapters and provide the same to General Secretary for publication.
– The Central Committee will share Members data with the Developer, who will update the List of Members in the Website. They will be sent a activation code at their email address given in membership form.
IIMCAA Election 2014
– The Central Committee has stressed on a free and fair Election. The Admin Rights of the Election Section of the Website will be given to the Election Commissioner Ms. Jaishiri Jethwaney. Only the Election Commissioner will have the Access of the Election Section.
– The Central Committee has fixed the upper cap on a panel. A group of alumni may contest IIMCAA Elections 2014 with a panel of members ranging from 11 to 55 backed by other 10 members as proposers. Minimum members in a panel should be 11 and maximum must not be above 55.
– As decided in the previous CC Meetings, Election will be contested only with Panels, led by President candidate. On the page, President candidate’s name will be mentioned only. A Pop-up will be attached with name and by clicking the pop-up, a list of the panel members will appear.
– There will be Checkboxes with the President Candidate’s Name and Members have to click the Checkbox to vote for the Election. Members can vote only once and once clicking the Checkbox, vote can’t be modified or deleted.
– Only the Election Commissioner will have the authority to see the number of votes.
– The Election Section with all the above mentioned features will be completed in 2-3 weeks.
Official Panel for IIMCAA Elections 2014
– The Central Committee has authorized President Mukesh Kaushik, Vice-President Apurva Chamaria, General Secretary Animesh Biswas, Organisation Secretary Harshendra Verdhan and Ritesh Verma to finalize the official Panel. It will be shared in a phased manner.
Any unlisted issue raised by Member
– The Central Committee has decided to include President & General Secretary of chapters and sub chapters as Special Invitee to the body. The Special Invitees may attend & deliberate the CC meetings except voting if a situation arise during such meetings.
– The Central Committee is planning to interact with current batch at Delhi campus where 4-5 Alumni from different Courses will share the present scenario of their respective professional field. It may have a question-answer session. 
– Chapters would be requested to hold similar sessions at centres falling in their states. We may upload the video of Delhi interaction for them too.
Thanks & Regards,
Deepti Gahrotra
Secretary, Communication IimcAlumniAssociation

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