MoM | Central Committee Meeting | 3 September, 2017

Dear IIMCians,
The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 3rd September, 2017. President Mr. Suresh Kumar Vashishth presided over the meeting that was attended by Vice President Mr. Harendra Yadav, General Secretary Mr. Mihir Ranjan, Organisation Secretary Mr. Pratham Dwivedi and Executive Member Mr. Komal Badodekar.
General Secretary of Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter Mr. Muni Shankar Pandey, Senior Alumni Mr. Kalyan Ranjan, Mr. Madhur Kalra, Mr. Harshendra Singh Verdhan, Mr. Ritesh Verma, Mr. Amit Deshmukh, Mr. Ankit Roy, Mr. Prasang Sharma, Mr. Vikash Sinha and Ms. Sonia Yadav were also present.
Minutes of the Meeting:-
1. Discussion on suggestions received in the process of ratification of the New Constitution by Chapters/ Sub-Chapters- The Central Committee thanked all chapters and sub chapters for ratifying the new constitution. The Central Committee has decided to seek suggestions from alumni as well, before taking further action, while taking note of the suggestions it received from Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapters and Kanpur Sub Chapter in the process of ratification. 
2. Appointment of one Vice President and one Secretary- The central committee refused to appoint replacements while observing that the elected committee officials can’t be changed or replaced midway. Vacant posts will remain vacant till the current team completes its term.
3. Status of the work of IIMCAA Awards Expansion Committee- The Chairperson or Coordinator didn’t attend the meeting hence agenda deferred for next meeting.
4. Agenda of AGM scheduled on 8 October, 2017- The Central Committee finalised the agenda of the AGM which includes adoption of news constitution, organisational reporting, financial reporting.
5. Dissolving the non functional Chapters/ Sub-Chapters- The Central Committee has accepted the recommendation to dissolve the Tamil Nadu Chapter by President Mr. Amar Nath. It referred the recommendations to dissolve the Meerut and Pune Sub Chapter by Sub Chapter General Secretary Mr. Arvind Shukla and President Ms. Debarati Mukherjjee to UP and Maharashtra Chapter respectively for final decision.
6. Any issue raised by alumni present in the meeting– NIL
Thanks & Regards,
Mihir Ranjan
General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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