MoM, June 2 | Model of the competition for next batch

There will be IIMC Paper Reading Competition 2013 for PG Diploma students arriving at different campuses and departments of IIMC for session 2013-14. 1st prize- 25,000, 2nd prize- 15,000 and 3rd prize- 10,000. Topic for the competition will be declared once academic session commences in August. Evaluation criteria of the competition will be:-

Parameter                       Weightage   Description

Originality of thought      25%              Are the thoughts presented in the essay or

                                                            paper original or new?

Strength of argument      25%              Is the author able to justify his ideas using

                                                            theory or data or logical argument? How 

                                                            strong is the argument presented?

Power of expression       25%              This is where the language and writing skills

                                                           of the author will be evaluated.

Structure of the paper     15%              Has the author presented his thoughts and

                                                           arguments in a structured manner? 

Citations, attribution        10%             This will help reduce plagiarism. This is an

and referencing                                  important feature of non-fiction writing. IimcAlumniAssociation

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