MoM | Karnataka Chapter Meeting | 28 June, 2014

Dear IIMCians,
Karnataka Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on June 28 in Bangalore. It was chaired by Ms. Surabhi Shandilya while attended by Mr. Kishore Kumar, Mrs. Puja Upadhyay Kislay, Mr. Ananta Prasad and Ms. Shrini Singh.
Minutes of the Meeting:
1. To have a complete list of all Alumni in Bangalore with all contact details; efforts to be taken by all members present before next chapter meeting.
2. To elect a new President during next Meeting; As few members turned out due to heavy rain and other unavoidable reasons.
3. To have the next Chapter Meeting in the 4th Week of August.
4. To have an annual get together involving a touring plan or a formal get together or to meet on a special occasion.
Thanks & Regards,
Surabhi Shandilya
General Secretary, IIMCAA, Karnataka IimcAlumniAssociation

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