MoM | Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter Meet | 31 August, 2013

Dear IIMCians,

Punjab-Himachal-Haryana Chapter met on Saturday (August 31) at Elante Mall, Chandigarh. It met second time since its inception. Meeting was presided over by President Ms. Alice Guram. Those present at the meeting were:

       Alice Guram, President

       Parveen K Dogra, General Secretary

       Chaudhary Prashant Chahal

       Dadan Vishwakarma

       Rohan Kathpalia

       Rajat Sain

       Isha Jalan

       Annesha Barua

Meeting minutes:

Reshuffling of posts: As five members (Saurabh Dwivedi, Gunjan Sangwan, Kuldeep Mishra, Radhe Krishan & Inderjeet Yadav) have already moved to other locations, and two others (Gajendra Singh Bhati and Chaudhary Prashant Chahal) are likely to shift to other places, It was mandatory to make a reshuffling in the current hierarchy. So the following changes have been made with the consensus of present members:

       Alice Guram- President

       Hindol Basu, Isha Jalan, Annesha Barua- V. Presidents

       Parveen K Dogra- General Secretary

       Rajat Sain- Organising Secretary

       Mahendra Kumar- Treasurer

       Dadan Vishwakarma- in-charge (Haryana sub-chapter)

       Rohan Kathpalia- in-charge (Punjab sub chapter)

       Divya Goel, Lata Kashyap, Hemant Rana, Atish Sharma: Executive Members

Striding towards an active chapter: It has been noted that Punjab-Himachal-Haryana Chapter could not hold regular meetings, and it’s important to be in touch. So it was made clear to all that it’s not a responsibility of an individual to call for a meeting. Every member needs to be in touch and take responsibility.

Ideas on social work invited: Taking a cue from Central Committee's Uttrakhand victims help drive, CPHH chapter will also think over working on such social causes. All the members looked interested and shared several ideas.

T-shirts, Kurtis: As it’s a matter of person to person size and colour preferences, respected members have been asked to visit IIMCAA's Facebook Page where details of the merchandise are available. Interested members will send their preference to the General Secretary and a collective order will be placed.

Thanks & Regards,

Parveen K Dogra

General Secretary, CPHH, IIMCAA IimcAlumniAssociation

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