MoM | Uttar Pradesh Chapter Ratifies The New Constitution of IIMCAA

Dear IIMCians,
Uttar Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met at the residence of Organisation Secretary Ms. Kamlesh Rathore on 2nd September 2017. Chapter President Mr. Santosh Kumar Valmeeki presided over the meeting that was attended by Organisation Secretary Ms. Kamlesh Rathore, Mr. Bhai Shelly, Ms Smriti Sinha, Mr. Bhaskar Singh, Mr. Maninder Mishra, Ms. Deepika Singh, Mr. Ramendra Singh, Mr. Utkarsh Chaturvedi, Ms. Tuhina Ghoshal, Ms. Surekha Shukla and Mr Neel Krishna Dwivedi.
Minutes of the Meeting:-
1. Uttar Pradesh Chapter ratified the new constitution without any proposal to change.
2. President Mr. Santosh Kumar Valmeeki suggested that IIMCAA should take this organisation to international level.
3. Mr. Bhaskar Singh suggested to help alumni in illness or casualty in their life by the organization.
4. IIMCAA shall contact an agency or government to help journalists affected by a major disaster.
5. IIMCAA should help an alumni if he/she joins a new organization in the city concerned.  
6. Alumni working with an organization should try to help in hiring of other alumni. 
Thanks & Regards,
Santosh Kumar Valmeeki
President, Uttar Pradesh
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