Odisha: Durgashish President, Jyoti Prakash General Secretary

Dear IIMCians,


A meeting of Odisha Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association was held on 20.01.2012 at Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar. Alumni from different batches participated. Following decisions were taken in the meeting:-


1. Members present in the meeting approved the panel of Office Bearers for Odisha Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association. They are as follows:


President- Durgashish, OJ, 2002-03, Dhenkanal

Vice President- Partha Sarathi Behera, OJ, 2001-02, Dhenkanal

Vice President- Arindam Das, OJ, 2004-05, Dhenkanal

Vice President- Jyoti Prakash Nayak, EJ, 2006-07, Dhenkanal

General Secretary- Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra, OJ, 2002-03, Dhenkanal

Organisation Secretary- Sudhansu Kumar Patro, OJ, 2007-08, Dhenkanal

Secretary- Punyashloka Mishra, OJ, 2007-08, Dhenkanal

Secretary- Pratyush Saa, OJ, 2007-08, Dhenkanal

Secretary- Ruby Nanda, EJ, 2006-07, Delhi

Secretary- Arup Dalai, OJ, 2006-07, Dhenkanal

Secretary- Satya Narayan Mallick, OJ, 2003-04, Dhenkanal

Treasurer- Sanjay Kumar Sahu, EJ, 2002-03, Dhenkanal

Joint Secretary- Ananta Prasad, OJ, 2009-10, Dhenkanal


2. It was decided to meet regularly and add all alumni living in Odisha to the Association. Membership drive will be carried out in this regard.


3. A get together will be organized keeping convenience of all in mind. Date and venue will be decided and intimated soon. It will provide different batches an opportunity to interact with senior and juniors.


4. Odisha Chapter will try to flag opportunities for the students of IIMC.



Thanks & Regards,
Sudhansu Kumar Patro
Organisation Secretary (Coordinator), IIMCAA, Odisha

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