Pune Sub-Chapter: Debarati is President, Gasha is Gen. Sec.

Dear IIMCians,

Pune Sub-Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association has been constituted in a meeting held on January 20 in Pune. Meeting elected Debarati Mukharjee as President, Gasha Aeri as General Secretary, Neha Dave as Organisation Secretary & Deepak Sinha as Treasurer.

Alumni attended the meeting:-
Sayanti Ganguly – EJ – 2010-11, New Delhi
Deepak Sinha – EJ – 2010-11, New Delhi
Shatabdi – EJ – 2010 – 11, New Delhi
Shivangi Srivastava – AD&PR – 2011-12, New Delhi
Neha Dave – AD&Pr – 2011-12, New Delhi
Kritika Sarda – EJ – 2011-12, Aizwal
Debarati Mukharjee – EJ – 2008-09, New Delhi
Gasha Aeri – RTv – 2008-09, New Delhi

Alumni discussed further meeting plans and job opportunities with each other.

Ex-officio positions in State Chapter

President & General Secretary of Pune Sub-Chapter will be ex-officio Vice-President & Secretary respectively of Maharashtra State Chapter of IIMCAA. In simple words, Debarati Mukharjee is Vice-President and Gasha Aeri is Secretary of State Chapter for current term of the Maharashtra Chapter.

Thanks & Regards,
Suryakant Mishra
President, Maharashtra Chapter, IIMCAA
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