Utkarsh, Kamini, Deblina, Ipsita, Prashanti, Ankita & Ankit | Executive Members-III | Sunila Dhar Panel | IIMCAA Elections 2014

Dear IIMCians,

We are proposing total 34 Executive Members in CC’s official panel, Ms. Sunila Dhar Panel. We shall share the complete list in descending batch order. Here are 7 More Executive Members out of 34 in third phase.

Utkarsh Chaturvedi- HJ, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch 
Kamini Patil– HJ, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch 
Deblina Dey– RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch 
Ipsita Panda– RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch 
Prashanti Choiden Mokhtan– RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch 
Ankita Upadhyay– RTV, Delhi, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch 
Ankit Roy– RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch

Sunila Dhar Panel is being proposed by the current team of the Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association to carry forward the works undertaken.
Thanks & Regards,
Mukesh Kaushik
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