West Bengal: Braj is President, Shatabdi Gen. Sec.

Dear IIMCians,


The inception meeting of West Bengal Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association took place in Kolkata on February 24. Total 4 Alumni participated in the chapter formation process and elected office bearers of the chapter.
It was decided that chapter team will be expanded after arrival of new alumni. Office bearers will prepare a list of alumni working or living in West Bengal and invite them in future alumni meetings/ activities.


Office Bearers are as follows:-

President- Braj Kishore, EJ, 1995-96, Delhi

General Secretary- Shatabdi Chakraborty, EJ, 2010-11, Delhi

Treasurer- Piyali Chatterjee, RTV, 2011-12, Delhi

Organisation Secretary- Adrija Das, Ad-PR, 2011-12, Delhi



Thanks & Regards,

Adrija Das

Coordinator, WB Chapter, IIMCAA

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