Delhi Press requires Journalists/ Designer/ Programmer

Journalists (2 Posts)

1. Good knowledge/ experience of working with bureaucrats.

2. Good ability to write and speak good English.

3. Cheerful and positive outlook.

4. 3-4 years experience desirable.

5. Good interviewing skills essential.


Internet Designer (1 post)

1. Should be fluent in the designing of websites.

2. Should be an expert in the knowledge and operations of all media sites available on the net.

3. Task involves working on e-magazines.

4. Three to four years experience desirable.


Computer Programmers (1 post)

1. Must be fluent in C++, PHP, HTML, MYSQL, and other systems.

2. Knowledge of hardware and other softwares would be an added advantage.

3. Three to four years experience desirable.


Interested candidates may apply within 3 days at: IimcAlumniAssociation

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