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Ranchi: IIMCAA Jharkhand Chapter Annual Family Picnic 2018 at Dasham Fall | 23 December, 2018

Dec. 24, 2018


Dear IIMCians,

Annual Family Picnic 2018 of IIMCAA Jharkhand Chapter was organized at Dasham Fall on 23rd December 2018. Dasham Fall is situated 40 kilometer away from the capital city Ranchi and one among the most visited falls in Jharkhand. Surrounded with lush green sakhua jungle on the hills, every year this fall attracts thousands of tourists from adjoining states.

Around 30 family members of IIMC alumni including more than dozen of children gathered on this occasion in the morning and enjoyed the serene beauty of the natural ambience of this place. Young and old, everyone played with chilling water of fall and captured beautiful memories in their smart phones. 

A special game designed and anchored by Mr. Manoj Kumar for this occasion ‘Tedhe Medhi Sawal’ was also played by the members. Also on this occasion, the Chapter members gifted a momento to newlywed alumnus Ms. Puja Oraon, who was present with her husband and other family members. After the lunch, all the members dispersed.

On this occasion, President Mr. Manoj Kumar, Vice President (Affairs) Dr. Dev Vrat Singh, General Secretary Mr. Pranav Pratyush, Organisation Secretary Ms. Puja Oraon, Executive Members Ms. Manisha Singh, Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, Senior Alumni Mr. Rajesh Kumar and Mr. Onkar Pandey were present.  


Thanks & Regards,

Dr. Dev Vrat Singh

Vice President, Affairs

IIMC Alumni Association, Jharkhand

Dec. 24, 2018

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