CC MoM: Connections 2022 Begins on 27 February, IIMCAA Awards Returns to Jury

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee met at IIMC HQ on October 3rd in New Delhi. IIMCAA President Mr. Kalyan Ranjan presided over the meeting that was attended by former President Mr. Prasad Sanyal, IIMCAA Care Fund Chairman Mr. Nitin Pradhan, IIMCAA Awards Coordinator Ms. Simrat Gulati, Executive President Ms. Kitty Mukherjee, Vice Presidents Mr. Pratham Dwivedi & Prabhat Upadhyay, General Secretary Ms. Sadhna Arya, Secretary Ms. Sugam Singhal, IIMC Affairs Coordinator Mr. Shreesh Chandra Singh apart from Mr. Madhur Kalra, Mr. Animesh Biswas, Mr. Ritesh Verma and Mr. Pradeep Tiwari.

Minutes of the Meeting:-

1. Connections 2022: Annual Alumni Meets will start on February 27th, 2022 (Sunday) at IIMC HQ, New Delhi followed by Chapter Meets in cities across India and abroad depending on sponsorship. Priority will be given to chapters contributing in sponsorship for Connections 2022. 

2. IIMCAA Awards 2022: IIMCAA Awards will return to the esteemed jury for categories which carry cash prizes. Other categories will be decided by the central committee as usual. A separate notification will be issued in December when entry opens for competitive categories of IIMCAA Awards.

3. IIMCAA Scholarships 2022: IIMCAA Scholarships process will start once IIMC finalises its award of freeships to the applicants. We intend to award the Scholarships at Connections 2022 but since this process is aligned to the freeship process at IIMC, the decision would be taken as and when it’s possible.

4. IIMCAA Golden & Silver Jubilee Alumni Batch Felicitation: IIMCAA will felicitate alumni, who had passed out IIMC 50 Years and 25 Years ago, at Connections 2022. Golden Jubilee Alumni Batch is 1971-72 Batch & Silver Jubilee Alumni Batch is 1996-97 Batch. A separate notification will be issued with more details.

5. Connections 2022 Team: Appointments to various positions for Connections, IIMCAA Awards, IIMCAA Scholarships and IIMCAA Golden and Silver Jubilee Alumni Batch Felicitations 2022 were discussed and decided at the meeting. Separate notifications for all such appointments will be made in coming days.

6. IIMCAA Website: IIMC Alumni Association will invite open bids to redesign and relaunch the website with enhanced features. Existing site has limited scope to engage alumni and keep members informed of IIMCAA activities, apart from intermittent issues with fee payments of new membership and renewal of membership.  

Thanks & Regards,

Sadhna Arya

General Secretary

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