IMP: Minutes of Central Committee Meeting | May 5

Dear IIMCians,

IIMCAA Central Committee met on May 5 at Press Club in Delhi. It was presided by Vice President Mr. Apurva Chamaria and were attended by Organisation Secretary Ritesh Verma, Secretaries Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat, Mohit Agarwal, Treasurer Gaurav Dikshit, Executive Members Neha Keshri, Keshav Kumar & Harendra Yadav. Priyabhanshu Ranjan was special invitee to this meeting. Minutes of the meeting are as follows:-
1. Past Six Months Review- 

Organisational- Meeting appreciated the efforts of alumni in Delhi-NCR and in States and Abroad in starting/ committing chapter. Right now we have functional chapter committees in UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab-Haryana-Himachal, Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We have two functional sub chapter committees in Pune of Maharashtra and Meerut of UP. North East Chapter met once but there is no committee in place yet. Kerala, Chattishgarh & Uttarakhand are states where attempts to have a functional chapter is so far disappointing. We are working on these 4 chapters. Outside India Singapore and UAE Chapter are planning to have its inception meeting by June-July. UK chapter tried to arrange inception meeting but alumni residing in UK couldn't commit presence due to geographical distances. Membership drive is on but progress so far is not satisfactory. Even Alumni Meet saw around 60 Membership only while it was attended by more than 400 alumni. It is primary concern of central committee. It has been decided that CC Members will visit offices of employers to enroll members in groups during weekends.

Administrative- PAN, Bank Account done. Registration is under process with old constitution. New constitution is being drafted which will be approved by CC first and ratified by chapters before it comes into effect.

Financial- IIMCAA has around 55 thousands in its bank account generated by Membership fee. Alumni Meet was almost no profit-no loss event with the support of sponsors IFFCO, IFFCO-Tokio, HCL, Coca-Cola & NGC. Administrative expenses like Registration, PAN, Office Rent & IT-Return have been met with funds generated by membership drive.
2. Three Vacancies in CC– Meeting discussed the responses or even no response from four CC members for their consistent absence and decided to declare seats of Rishi Kumar Singh, Anupam Mishra & Abhishek Sachan vacant. Rishi couldn't commit presence due to geographical distances while Anupam & Abhishek choose not to respond. Nishant Verma assured to attend future meetings. President Mr. Mukesh Kaushik will nominate new CC members soon and next CC meeting will ratify the new inductions in CC.
3. Future of Meet & Greet: Meeting was briefed about the financial aspects of two Meet & Greet (open session for alumni) held in March and April on cost sharing basis. March event saw contribution of 1800/- while expenses were 4800/-. April event saw contribution of 4500/- while expenses were 15,000/-. March over expense was managed by Organisation Secretaries Harshendra Verdhan & Ritesh Verma. April over expenses were managed by Vice President Apurva Chamria, Organisation Secretaries Harshendra Verdhan, Ritesh Verma & Secretary Mohit Agarwal. It was decided to give Meet & Greet one more chance on the basis of fixed menu & quantity. June will see next meet & Greet & if that doesn't suit financially, it will be abandoned finally as funds of IIMCAA are not meant for such activity.
4. Vacant Posts & Non-Activity in Chapters- Some of the office bearers of chapters have moved from one state to other hence require replacement. Chapters are being requested to find a replacement for any office bearer who had left the area of the concerned state. MP Chapter President Amit Pathe is not responding to mails or phone calls from Central Committee for last three months. MP's General Secretary Soumika Das is now in Delhi for her new job. It has been decided to seek a formal clarification from MP Chapter if it needs to be declared non functional unit.
5. Auditor to file I-T return- Meeting approved 5000/-per year to pay auditing firm to file I-T returns of the association.
6. Coordination for internship & placements- Meeting was briefed about internship and placement offers made by alumni via IIMCAA. Total number of employers with such offers were 16. All offers were communicated to DG, IIMC Mr. Sunit Tandon, Patron of IIMCAA, to process it further.

IIMC Alumni Association thanked all alumni involved in making these offers.

Nilanjana Bhaduri Jha, Head, NDTV Convergence
Rajeev Deshpande, Political Editor, Times of India
Shashi Ranjan, Head, Total TV
Aparna Dwivedi, Output Editor, NewsX
Ashim Ghosh, Channel Head- Zee News UK & Zee Business USA

Hemant AR, Associate Editor, Yahoo Cricket
Priyaranjan Jha, Metro Head, Navbharat Times
Abhishek Singhal, In-charge, News Today, Rajasthan Patrika
Rai Umraopati Ray, Head, More Media Group

Pragya Barthwal Dhyani, Managing Director, Thoughtshop Advertising PVT LTD

Apurva Chamaria, Head, Global Sales Excellence, HCL Technologies | Vice President, IIMCAA
Harshendra Verdhan, Head of PR, IFFCO | Organisation Secretary, IIMCAA
Alice Guram, CEO, Mediapulse PR | President, Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter, IIMCAA
Parveen Kumar Dogra, Sports Correspondent, Daily Post | General Secretary, Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter, IIMCAA
Reethika Nair, Associate Director, Interactive Avenues | Treasurer, Maharashtra Chapter, IIMCAA
Arvind Kumar, Chief Sub Editor, Ahmedabad Mirror | General Secretary, Gujarat Chapter, IIMCAA

7. Ways of engagement with students of IIMC– In September, IIMCAA will organise a competition for IIMC Students of all campuses & departments with total 3 prizes worth 50,000/-. 1st Prize will be of 25000, 2nd of 15,000 and 3rd of 10,000. Model of competition will be declared in August.
8. Judgement of Jharkhand High Court in Nirupama Pathak Murder Case– Meeting expressed satisfaction over the judgement of Jharkhand High Court in Nirupama Murder Case. It pledged and reassured all support to Priyabhanshu Ranjan in his fight to get justice for Nirupama.
9. Miscellaneous– Meeting congratulated IIMCAA President Mr. Mukesh Kaushik who has been made a member of 10 Member Apex Committee to run news agency UNI by its board.
Thanks & Regards,
Ritesh Verma
Organisation Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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