Kitty Mukherjee | Coordinator- Jubilee Celebrations, Connections 2022 | 1971-72 & 1996-97 Batch

Published on Oct. 20, 2021, 7:13 p.m.

Dear IIMCians,

IIMCAA Executive President Ms. Kitty Mukherjee, (EJ, Dhenkanal | 1996-97 Batch), will be Coordinator for Jubilee Celebrations at Annual Alumni Meet- Connections 2022.

IIMCAA will be celebrating the golden and silver jubilee of 1971-72 and 1996-97 batches respectively at Connections 2022.

We request alumni to help us with the name/ email/ mobile number of alumni belonging to these two batches to enable us to contact and connect with them. 

You may share any of these details of alumni of jubilee batches with Ms. Mukherjee or write to us at 


Thanks & Regards,

Sadhna Arya

General Secretary

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