MoM | Karnataka Chapter Ratifies The New Constitution With Several Suggestions

Dear IIMCians,
Karnataka Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on 2nd September, 2017  at the residence of Senior alumna Ms. Renu Kakkar. Ms. Kakkar presided over the meeting that was attended by Organisation Secretary Mr. Chaithanya Krishnaraju. The meeting heralded the following points/ suggestions after much discussions and debate on the new constitution.
Minutes of the Meeting:-
1. Suggestions for Inclusion in Aims and Objectives Section
A. To provide a forum for all Alumni of IIMC to connect, meet and interact, to promote and support each other in all areas.
B. To encourage formation of chapters of the Association to increase participation of Alumni.
C. To organize lectures, symposia, workshops, conventions for the Alumni and also for the students of the College to share knowledge and experience and promote dialogue and debate.
D. To create awareness about the achievements, contribution and the rich heritage of the College amongst the Alumni, present students, workplaces, society and the media.
E. To encourage the Alumni to take an abiding interest in the progress and development of the Alma Mater.
F. Funds can be collected/ raised not just for the ‎Alumni Association but for the Alma Mater as well. So as to drive home the point that IIMCAA is the Alumni Association and thus could also be (one of the) stated objectives of the Alumni Association too. 
2. Suggestion for Inclusion in Audit Section- All the income, earning, moveable, immovable properties of the Association shall be solely utilised and applied towards the promotion of its aim and objectives only set forth in the memorandum of association and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present and past Members of the Association or to any person claiming through any or more of the present or past Members. No Member of the Association shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the Association or make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of his/her Membership
3. Annual Report to be shared with the respective Chapters (and Sub-Chapters) before it gets printed in the Souvenir of IIMCAA.
4. It'll also be helpful that the Souvenir can also be mailed to the respective Alumni, and be charged for the same.
5. Immediate Past- President shall be an ex-officio member of the national council/ central committee.
6. With regards to the powers of the president, the powers vested in him/ her to singlehandedly start/ dissolve a ‎chapter/ sub-chapter, and the powers to remove/ change any office bearers of the central committee/ state chapters/ sub-chapters/ International chapters is too undemocratic and ergo, we believe a quorum will be a better alternative and better dissemination of the powers and is more democratic.
7. Presidentship should be reserved to anyone who's be an alumni for at least 15 years. 8. Vice-President and General Secretary (or anyone from Central Committee) should be reserved for anyone who's been an alumni for 5 years at least.
8. The following members of the Karnataka Chapter had earlier through other modes of communication had ratified the constitution without any recommendations or suggestions to make changes in the draft constitution. They are: President Mr. Ramesh Muniyappa, General Secretary Ms. Rama Nedungadi, Ms. Dhiren Dhuku, Ms. Puja Upadhyay, Ms. Neha Keshri and Ms. Khushboo Gupta.
Thanks & Regards,
Chaithanya Krishnaraju
Organisation Secretary, Karnataka
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