Mumbai MoM- Maharashtra Chapter Meeting, 31 August 2019

Dear IIMCians,

Maharashtra Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on August 31 in Mumbai. Chapter President Ms. Gayatri Srivastava presided over the meeting that was attended by General Secretary Mr. Neeraj Bajpai, Organisation Secretary Ms. Kamini Patil, Ms. Sumedha Mishra, Mr. Dheeraj Agarwal, Mr. Vikas Sinha, Ms. Apoorva, Ms. Abhilasha, Ms. Garima and Ms. Kamini Singh.

It is always a pleasure to meet as that strengthen a bonding among us and enable us know more about our careers, families and future ambitions. We discussed various issues including the turbulent times our industry is passing through. We all should strive to help fellow journalists and with that spirit in mind, we decide to meet more regularly. But to make the meetings lively we intend to form various committees. Below are some of the suggestions:

1. We should aim to celebrate festivals like Diwali Party, Secret Santa and New Year Party.

2. We should aim to form some interest groups among members so people can interact more often and share experiences. Groups may relate to
– Movie Club- Members can plan watch movie, discuss etc
– Book Club- This includes discussion on various issues, Books and new study
– Knowledge Sharing Club– Talks by our eminent members or external experts

3. We all know that we have limited monetary resources, so members would have to contribute for the events. Contributions however will be limited to participants only.  

We welcome suggestions from all those who could not attend our previous meeting.

Thanks & Regards,
Neeraj Bajpai
General Secretary, Mahrashtra
IIMC Alumni Association IimcAlumniAssociation

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