ROARR… The proposed IIMC fest

Does the IIMC alumni know that an IIMC Festival is going to take place
this year? This is in substitution of the EJ Fest which happens every
year. ROARR- Speak out, Get loud- is the name of this Fest. It has
been planned on a large scale, where other colleges from Delhi and
outside will be invited to participate.

The Fest is going to take place for two days- 25th and 26th November
this year. The current students are working towards procuring
sponsorships, planning out th events, etc. A Core Committee and an
Organising Committee have been formed to organise the Fest. The
student volunteers have been divided according to their jobs into
various departments like Event Administration, Security, Hospitality,

We are eagerly waiting towards materialising this dream of ours. Any
help or suggestion is most welcome. IimcAlumniAssociation

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