Bates Mumbai is hiring interns for Consumer research and Brand strategy

Bates Mumbai, an advertising agency under the WPP group is hiring interns this summer to work on 2 very exciting projects and will get stipend as well.
1. The first project is an in depth understanding and decoding the behaviour of the smoker in today's times and the dilemmas faced by smokers' with the rising anti-smoking sentiment  in India. The objective is to understand the social context in which he is existing today and unearth the motivations, fears, anxieties and insecurities he currently faces. This project will include semiotic deconstruction of smoking and smokers as projected in media and elsewhere and analysis of the smokers' current behaviour.
2. The second project is to understand the mothers' in India, to unearth their fears, motivations, aspirations etc. The key objective here to understand what builds anxieties and insecurities in them while dealing with their children.
We want to recruit students from the communication, engineering and psychology to work with us on both of these. These projects will be given to them as assignments where in they get a first hand experience of working with brand strategy, marketing, advertising and consumer research experts.
Alok Bhute
Account planning executive
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