British High Commission needs Press & Communication Officer

British High Commission is an equal opportunity employer that offers an international, diverse and multi-ethnic work environment. Our medical, leave and maternity benefits are among the best in the industry. We promote a healthy work-life balance and support flexible working hours.

Opening: Press & Communication Officer, New Delhi

Closing date for applying is February 16, 2010.

Job Description: As Editor of Britain Today and Head of News Room, to promote a positive image of the UK. To lead on Climate Change & Sustainable development communications; to promote a low carbon, high growth global economy.

A breakdown of your main duties and responsibilities, and the percentage of your time they occupy:

Magazine production (25% time)

  • Editor of “Britain Today” bi-monthly magazine. Responsible for complete production of magazine, liaison with external agency and colleagues who edit other High Commission magazines.

Press Officer: sectoral responsibility (35%)

  • Lead press officer on British Foreign Office Priority to do with:

a) promotion of  a low carbon, high growth, global economy
b) Science & Innovation

  • Monitor relevant media, handle media queries, organise interviews, place op-eds/ articles/ rebuttals, provide overall guidance on media strategy for major projects, sponsored visits, Chevening scholarship nominations, web communications, act as single point of contact for UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) & Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) press offices.

News Room functions (15%)

  • As Head of News Room, project a dynamic and forward-looking image of the UK in the English media. Monitor/ flag-up developing stories of interest, handle media queries, contact point for media monitoring (PTI, IANS & daily news summaries) etc. Update “Media Guide” document.

Media management (15%)

  • Contribute to media management of Visits/ Events & projects under specific British Foreign Office Funds. Lead on select visits: ministerial, VIP and others.

Communicating & Influencing (10%)

  • Develop contacts with media persons (print, TV, internet) with a view to target policy messages as it relates to British Foreign Office Priority to do with a low carbon, high growth, global economy and Science & Innovation.

To see full job description and how to apply, download this .doc file. Only online application form and statement of suitability will be accepted.

To apply: Visit IimcAlumniAssociation

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