Condolence Meet in the memory of Manoj (2004-05) at Press Club on 4 Nov.

Dear Friends,


We are organising a condolence meeting in the sweet memory of our beloved friend Manoj Kumar Kandher (2004-05 batch) on Sunday at 4 pm in the premises of Press Club of India at New Delhi.

This will be a small tribute to the departed soul from all of us. Please take out some time from your busy schedule to attend the meeting.

Please pass the info to all ex- and present IIMCians and friends of Manoj bhai.


2004-05 Batch IIMC-Dhenkanal

For further info contact :
Abhishek Roy 09999009430/ Zishan Haider 09818744110

Manoj Kandher's journey from Dilli to Palli proved fatal –

Manoj Kumar Kandher died of snake bite. We are really very much saddened by this news and we pray God that his soul rests in peace. 

With this however I would like to raise a critical question on the health system of the nation. Heard that Manoj, who worked in foundation at Delhi that works on Health issues, 

had visited his village in Bargarh district during puja vacations. He went to the canal to bathe with his child where a snake bit him. As soon as he realized this, he dropped his child at home and drove his bike to the nearby hospital at Thuapali only to realize there is no help he could get from there. He was referred to V.S.S. Medical College & Hospital at Burla. Since its very far he preferred to go to another nearby hospital at Remunda but fell senseless on the way. Locals took him to a private nursing home where he got some first aid treatment and then referred to Burla again. Burla being still far, they took him to Bargarh district head quarters hospital. He had then fallen very critical and succumbed to the snake bite.

This raises serious questions on our health system. It is widely known in the state that our health systems are not reachable for the poor people in remote rural and tribal areas. However, Thuapali is not a remote village, nor was Manoj a poor fellow who could not pay for the health services. However, our health system does not reach beyond Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and a few select cities where all our doctors and health infrastructures exist and are promoted with tax payers' money. 

This is how we are developing an equitable growth model where our Corporate dalal netas and complacent bureaucrats are conveniently sitting in their Bhubaneswar luxurious flats by looting the people of the state. When it comes to mine our resources and displace our people they use all their forces to exploit us all in the name of growth of the state. However, when it comes to provide health, education and other basic services they provide all that in the capital city and select urban locations. 

Manoj's yatra from Dilli to Palli proved fatal. Unless we raise our voice, the trend of promoting blind and unsustainable urbanization in the country at the cost of villages and villagers will just grow fast.

Manoj is no more with us. However, let his spirit guide us towards a new revolution! IimcAlumniAssociation

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