Consultant for Brand Development, Promotion & Deployment strategies for Sanchi University @ Bhopal

Last date to apply 21 July 2017

Consultant for ‘Brand Development, Promotion & Deployment strategies of SUBIS’


This assignment will be based on branding and promotion of the Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies as a one-stop avenue of ancient wisdom, literature, Indic & Buddhist knowledge systems, applied philosophy based courses and a harbinger of new knowledge and solutions based on the principles of philosophy. We are looking for Individuals who can work closely to achieve the below-mentioned goals and also make a name for themselves worldwide by undertaking some rule-defying strategies in branding and promoting SUBIS.  



We are looking for seasoned Individuals to work towards positioning of Sanchi University as an International seat for knowledge. Both Buddhist and Indic knowledge systems along with need-based practical course prepared using the wisdom of our ancient text and practices are our core area of work. We also want to build a strong connect & collaborations with International Premier Institutions. We want scholars and bright students to choose us for their research & manuscript based projects.


Job Function-Strategy/Planning, Consulting, Public Relations                  

Seniority Level- Mid-Senior        

Company– Higher Education, Writing &Editing, Marketing & Advertising     Employment Type- Contract



Higher Education, Applied Philosophy, Linguistics, Publishing, Branding, Communication, Liasoning, Public Relations, Brand development, Policy Analysis, University Teaching, Student Engagement, Creative Writing

  Fixed Payment:-The chosen individuals will be paid a fix monthly amount of ₹60,000/- (sixty thousand)

 Variable Payment: – 10 percent variable project fee of the approved and successfully executed project cost will be decided through the deliverables, output and outcome mentioned in the submitted project.


·       Providing monthly report over SUBIS branding & promotion initiatives

·       Providing input based on the perception & ground reality about brand SUBIS

·       Execution of Social Media work based on the brand positioning of SUBIS

·       Suggestion, advice & support on SUBIS website & other modes of communication

·       Work on improving section/part of University’s website in consultation with SUBIS

·       Article for SUBIS media activity/Journal/news bulletin

·       Monthly Writing, publishing one article/report/coverage for National media on SUBIS

·       Liasoning /Networking related activities in consultation with SUBIS authorities

·       Specific role in monthly activities of the University

·       Monthly listing of people & scholars beneficial for SUBIS academics & other activities

·       Profiling and real-time website posting related to important visitor in SUBIS

·       Minimum one innovative activity per month approved by SUBIS

·       One monthly international collaboration & initiating idea with a strategy to execute the same.

·       Specific monthly assignment from PR division of the SUBIS



·       One Individual will be chosen for this Assignment.

·       Some Individuals based on their core competence could be empanelled for need-based work.

·       Short-listed candidates shall be given time to present a strategy based on the plan/outline given in the EOI.

·       Pre bid meeting is scheduled on 17th July 2017 at 12.00 IST in our Bhopal Office. Queries and specific demand should reach us before 14th July 2017 before office hours.

·       Bid documents can be purchased from website on paying the cost of ₹5,000/-

[Five thousand only]. EOI document can be viewed on

·       Individual must have received ₹10 lakh or more as a professional fee in last 60 months for Executing of PR/ Branding/Marketing assignments. (Attach IT returns or Form No 16A)


WHERE TO APPLY:,33,34,35,117,39,42,38,46



This University is meant to address the global issues & shall generally cover educationalists, academicians, philosophers, researchers, practitioners from all over the world, but shall primarily focus on Asian countries – the land of Genesis & spread of Buddhist-Indic culture. All aspects of Buddhist-Indic Studies from philosophy to culture; from economics to governance shall be addressed in totality. It shall invite knowledge & wisdom from all ten directions; shall realise, redeem, research, refine and refurbish it further to disseminate in all spheres of life and contribute to the efforts in making 'Mother Earth' a better place to live in.



 2nd Floor, Sushasan Bhawan, Bhadbhada Square, Bhopal, M.P. 462003 

PH: 0755-2773256 Fax: 0755-2773257 Email: IimcAlumniAssociation

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