Iamwire.Com needs Business Correspondent in Gurgaon

Iamwire is an Online Media Platform of Wirefoot India Technology Pvt Ltd which provides consulting and advisory to firms for their Online Retail Strategies. The company was established in 2008 and launched Iamwire in June 2011 to cover news and analysis of the Online Retail Industry and Internet Businesses in India.

The company is based out of Gurgaon, and it one of the top growing Online Media Website in India, with great popularity in the Internet Business Community.

Requirement: Business Correspondent in  MG Road, Gurgaon

Work experience and skills: Preferred work experience as Correspondent in a media company, covering Business news, B2B. The essential required skills of good communications, writing, analytical writing, hard work, passionate to grow, versatility and ability to cope up in a start-up environment and accept challenges and follow deadlines and targets.

Reporting to: Editorial Team

Brief job profile: The Profile will require generating content related to Internet Businesses in India. The position requires writing about events, news and press releases as well as constant tracking of the industry through various sources. The content thus generated would be published on Iamwire.Com.

Salary: Between INR 12,000 pm to INR 25,000 pm for first year

3 months of probation period (With salary as per above)

Hours: 9:15 AM to 7:15 PM; Sunday Off

Key responsibilities & duties

  • Duties of the role: Developing content for platform in form of news, interview, articles, case studies, research data
  • Time spent: 70%
  • Competencies sought: Journalism skills, writing skills, communications, PR, hard work, analytical skills, business writing skills
  • Must have or optional (can be trained): Must have
  • Duties of the role: Marinating PR and constant tracking of industry trends
  • Time spent: 25%
  • Competencies sought: Good communication and analytical skills
  • Must have or optional (can be trained): Must have
  • Duties of the role: Miscellaneous Office activities like maintaining contact archives, content archives
  • Time spent: 5%
  • Competencies sought: Excel skills, management skills
  • Must have or optional (can be trained): Optional

Academic or trade qualifications

* Graduation in the field of Journalism, Mass Communication, preferred.
* But good writers and analyst are also considerable with a common sense of Journalism.

To apply: Send your applications to abhinav.dinesh@iamwire.com

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