IIMCAA dedicates CWC to Right to Select the Partner

Dear IIMCians,

At a time when the country is talking about security and rights of women, IIMC Alumni Association has begun to chronicle all those IIMC Couples who exercised their Right to Select the Partner. IIMC fraternity lost a brilliant alumni Late Nirupama Pathak just because she wanted a partner of her choice against the wishes of her family.
We firmly believe that institution of arrange marriage must not be imposed upon any individual. Once a boy or a girl decide in favour of each other, the role of family should be limited to facilitate the Barat & the Vidai.
IIMCAA dedicates the Campus Wale Couple to all such individuals who believe that Right to Select the Partner lies only with boys & girls. We thank and congratulate IIMC Couples for setting benchmarks in this regard. You all are milestones of a progressive society and we are proud of that.
Mukesh Kaushik
President, IIMCAA
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