IIMCAA Statement on HC Order in Nirupama Case

Hon. Jharkhand High Court quashed criminal proceedings against Priyabhanshu Ranjan in Nirupama Pathak Murder Case today. 

We have from the beginning believed that Nirupama was killed by her family members on April 29 three years ago. But the administration under pressure was trying to implicate Priyabhanshu. 

Today's judgement has upheld our belief in Priyabhanshu that he was in no way involved in Niru's death. In fact her death was the biggest loss for him. 

While our demand to clear Priyabhanshu name has been met with the HC order. Our fight for justice continues. We will not rest till Niru's killers… her family is punished. R.I.P. Niru.

Mukesh Kaushik
http://feeds.feedburner.com/ IimcAlumniAssociation

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