Mohit Agarwal is winner of LOGO Design Competition

Dear IIMCians,

We are proud to announce the winner of LOGO Design Competition for IIMC Alumni Association i.e. IIMCAA. The entry from Mr. Mohit Agarwal, AD-PR, 2011-12 appealed everyone and got remarkable likes also. Two designs attracted more likes than adopted LOGO but they were ideally not a LOGO. We congratulate Mr. Agarwal for this fabulous creation.

We also congratulate Varun Vagish, Gaurav Dikshit, AR Hemant, Manoj Kumar, Anuj Sharma, Kaushal Kumar, Avichal Singh, Sandeep Verma, Ranveer Singh, Krishna Pophale & Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat who sent their entries and their commitment is commendable.

Thanks & Regards,
Animesh Biswas
General Secretary IimcAlumniAssociation

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