MoM | Kanpur Sub Chapter Meeting | 4 June, 2017

Dear IIMCians,
Kanpur Sub-Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met in Kanpur on June 4th. Sub-Chapter President Mr. Praveen Mohta presided over the meeting that was attended by Mr. Sachin Dixit, Ms. Shikha Singh, Ms. Vrishali Jain and Mr. Avinash Dwivedi.
Minutes of the Meeting:-
– Ms. Vrishali Jain (2015-16) unanimously elected as General Secretary of Kanpur Sub-Chapter.
– Mr. Anurag Gupta (2013-14) will continue as Treasurer.
– Mr Sachin Dixit (2009-10), Ms. Shikha Singh (2009-10) and Mr Avinash Dwivedi (2015-16) will be Executive Members.
– It has been decided that Sub-chapter members will meet again on 23rd July for a picnic on the outskirts of Kanpur.
Thanks & Regards,
Vrishali Jain
General Secretary, Kanpur Sub Chapter
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