MoM | PHHP Chapter Ratifies New Constitution With 3 Amendments

Dear IIMCians,
The Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met on September 2, 2017 at Cafe Tea Hut, Ludhiana to discuss the draft constitution of IIMC Alumni Association. Chapter President Ms Alice Guram presided over the meeting that was attended by Mr. Alok Kumar, Ms. Nupur and Ms. Divya Goyal. 
Minutes of the Meeting:-
1. It went through the draft constitution. While all else was okay, the chapter felt that the following points needed a rethink. The chapter felt the need to amend section 5c, (6) 5 and G 2. 
A. One section which refers to the power of President of the Central Committee of IIMCAA. The chapter has decided to propose amendment to make this section more democratic. The draft says that among other powers, the President has got the right to remove any member of IIMCAA if s/he is found to be working against aims and objectives of the association. The draft also says that the President has the right to dissolve an entire state's chapter/sub-chapter for a similar reason. While the chapter does underscore the importance of the discipline, it also unanimously suggests that the member or the chapter concerned must get a fair chance to have their say before a disciplinary committee which should be constituted for the same. After hearing, the disciplinary committee must give its recommendations to the Central Committee, which, in turn, should take a final call on the matter after taking a a two-third majority. 
B. The chapter is of the view that state chapters should have a say in the working of the national chapter. They oppose the undemocratic functioning of the central committee.
C. The chapter members also opposed the point of non acceptance of fee from foreign alumni and felt that there should be one uniform policy on the issue of membership fee.
2. The above amendments were ratified by Dr. Upendra Pandey and Ms. Divya Sharma via conference call. Hence we have 6 people proposing the above amendments.
3. Further, the chapter proposed to change the name to Chandigarh-Shimla-J&K to incorporate all the states/UT under its purview. 
Thanks and Regards,
Alice Guram
President, PHHP
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