I am trying to get the exact info for last evening what transpired between Niru's mother and Police. Because, initially new came that police detained her family and in the evening news came that her mother sent to judicial custody.

Sending her in judicial custody means that police completed interrogating her and didn't seek her cutody to quizz further or want to know anything more from her. So, it means that police must have the full story of murder when, how and who killed Nirupma.

Question is, why police sent her to jail and if she had revealed all the happenings of the day, Niurpma murdered, police must tell the country who all were present to suffocate her because investigation indicates that her father and brother were on leave on that day. Her father and brothers are under investigation but still free.
We will not believe that only her mother murdered her. There must be some more people, at least three as suggested by doctors of Koderma. One to suffocate her, two to keep her hands and feet under control.
We also want to know, what they were planning. Were they planning to cremate her in the night to burry this case for once and all. We all know, activity of her friends and Media in Delhi and Koderma get their conspiracy failed.
We need to keep vigil on the process of investigation, it is hard to digest police sent her mother to jail withing hours of her arrest.
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