Supriya Prasad | Chairman- IIMCAA Scholarships Committee 2022

Dear IIMCians,

Mr. Supriya Prasad, 1994-95 Batch Alumni (HJ, New Delhi), will be the Chairman of IIMCAA Scholarships Committee 2022.

IIMCAA will form a seven member Committee, led by Mr. Prasad, to award 28 Scholarships of 25000 INR each to IIMC students as per the rules of IIMCAA Scholarships. The Scholarship Committee will be constituted and communicated soon.

IIMC Alumni are requested to come forward and adopt more scholarships to support our students in need.

Thanks & Regards,

Sadhna Arya

General Secretary

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Connections 2022 Begins on 27 February, IIMCAA Awards Returns to Jury IimcAlumniAssociation

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