World Hindi Conference Logo Design Competition: Ministry of External Affairs, GoI

Ninth World Hindi Conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 22-24, 2012.


Organization of the IX World Hindi Conference in South Africa has special relevance to the completion of 150 years of the arrival of Indians as indentured labourers in South Africa. Gandhiji started his satyagraha in South Africa and advanced the movement through Hindi and Gujarati languages. Later on, Hindi language became the main medium of freedom fighters during the anti-colonial struggle.


To mark this occasion Ministry of External Affairs has decided to organize a competition to design a logo that would reflect the spirit and objectives of World Hindi Conference. Entries are invited for the competition which may be submitted by interested persons by email to


The last date for accepting entries is March 20, 2012. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-.


For more details on World Hindi Conference and guidelines for the competition please follow the link


World Hindi Conference Logo Design Competition IimcAlumniAssociation

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