wTvision Solutions Requires CG Operators | Delhi & Mumbai

wTvision Solutions requires Computer Graphics Operators in Delhi and Mumbai having 1-3 years of experience. 
Job description: A Computer Graphics (CG) Operator is regarded as the most important member of a PCR team (Production Control Room). In sports and news, he is the one responsible for providing the critical information – updates, breaking news, scores, stats etc.
The CG Operator is expected to have the knowledge of the content who provides. He feeds in the information to the graphic templates and shares them with the producer and incorporates their feedback. And at the time of broadcast, he follows the commands of the director to provide all these templates when needed. To type out astons, story slugs and location bands for live events. To fire split gfx, customised windows and other elements like jackets, bugs and wipes for special shows. The role of the CG Operators is very critical and responsible since they are at the front line and put On-Air what we create, as representative of the Graphics section.
Salary range from Rs. 2,40,000/- to Rs. 3,60,000/-
About Us:
wTVision is a leading company providing Live on-air Air Graphics to the leading sports and news channels. in the television and the Broadcast Industry. We cover the premier sports events, cricket, football, badminton, tennis, etc. wTvision services' premium quality is assured by the company's solid experience, counting more than 15.000 Live Events and a recurring presence in more than 30 countries. 
Visit us at www.wtvision.com

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